In this age of right swipes and commitment issues, most of us believe that finding true love is like spotting a unicorn. But, our faith in love rekindles, every now and then when we see a happy couple wrapped in each other’s arms walking down a street. Well, we see such couples with a sizzling chemistry quite frequently. The one thought that comes to our mind when we see them is, “They are giving everyone relationship goals”. If those couples walking down the street are not able to charm you, we are sure the celebrity sweethearts will do the trick. Don’t you agree that every time you come across a lovey-dovey instagram post of a celebrity couple, you come one step closer to being a believer in love?

Let’s quickly glance through the five celebrity couples that personify ‘Relationship Goals’. They stood with each other through the test of time. Also, they have been startling us with their sizzling chemistry both on and off camera!

The Leela to his Ram

Yes, your guess is right! We are talking about Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh or you may wish to say ‘DeepVeer’. “Ranveer has been a huge influence. He is very sensitive, emotional and most importantly grounded”, said Deepika Padukone. While Deepika has always been seen appreciating the sensitive side of her better half, Ranveer has never shied away from acknowledging the great courage that Deepika brings for the couple. Right from picking up her heels and protecting her from the Paparazzi to their cute public display of affection, they have set the bar for relationship goals way too high.

Relationship goals: Ranveer and Deepika

Image source: The Week

One of the top reasons why most people out there consider them to set relationship goals is because of how effortless their love appears. Be it their instagram posts and comments or the small moments they create for themselves. At no point would any of their ‘awwwww’ moments feel staged. Remember the time Ranveer gave a standing ovation after Deepika’s speech after an award ceremony? Didn’t that make your heart skip a beat?

Vicky Donor with his Dream Girl

Like most of Ayushmann Khurrana’s movies, his real life love story is a blockbuster. The phrase ‘from prom dates to life mates’, only begins to do justice to the relationship goals the couple personifies. Recently, on an instagram post, wishing Tahira on 20 years of togetherness ‘with this goofball’, Ayushmann shared how their love story goes back to the board exams from class tenth. He penned down every little detail, right down to the song that was playing. Melts your heart, doesn’t it? Tahira has been on an equal footing giving the girls a bar quite high to set for their men.

Relationship goals: Ayushmann and Tahira

Image source: India Today

Ayushmann has been very open about how it was Tahira who was there for him mentally, emotionally and financially, when he was just starting out. During his days of being a struggling actor, Tahira was his north star. On the other hand, when Tahira was diagnosed with cancer, Ayushmann supported her through every step. He even called her ‘Hottie’ when she went bald during the treatment to lighten up the spirits. When the world seems gloomy, this power couple holds onto each other, giving each one of us some serious relationship goals!

Captain to his Phillauri

Our captain knows well how to hit a six on his field and his relationship, ask Anushka if you don’t believe us. Better known as Virushka, this couple has been always seen having each other’s back and praising each other’s work. If you are meant to be, even a dandruff shampoo ad can do the trick, right? Time and again, their social media posts as well as small PDAs give them a well deserved space in the relationship goals. “Can’t wait to watch my one and only in an avatar never seen before and I’m blown away already. Can’t wait @anushkasharma”, said Virat Kohli before the release of Pari. Isn’t that a dream for every girl? To have a man who backs every move she makes?

Relationship goals: Anushka and Virat

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We also saw a post on Anushka’s instagram account in white sneakers with the caption ‘Movie Night’. Well, this celebrity couple gives a new meaning to relationship goals every time. For them, love is about being crazy together, and they especially nail it when they are twinning!

Mrs. Funny Bones with her Khiladi

This celebrity couple on this list may not be flaunting their love all over social media. But they definitely have a special place in our hearts. Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar seem to be madly in love even after 19 years of marriage. That’s relationship goals, right? The sweet and salty moments, the nok- jhoks and surprises along the way, is their secret recipe to a happy relationship. The couple often talks about how small trips and vacations is the best way to keep your relationship alive and fresh.

Relationship goals: Akshay and Twinkle

Image source: Instagram

They definitely symbolize that in love, opposites attract. They are poles apart and come from different worlds. But when it comes to love, there’s no beating them. They are each other’s biggest support and critics. They are goofy together and crack each other up all the time!

Meow to her Dhamaal

Whenever we hear the phrase, ‘cutest celebrity couple’, Riteish and Genelia instantly come to our minds. Invariably, in their own unique way they are giving us major relationship goals. Been together 18 years, they have been more than a couple. They have been the best of friends and definitely bring our favorite Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogue “Pyaar dosti hai” to life.

Relationship goals: Genelia and Riteish

Image source: India TV

One of Genelia’s recent instagram posts said, “Even after so many years, Riteish knows how to make me smile”. This is definitely a moment where we all can go ‘awwwww’ together. Because while staying together for almost two decades is an achievement, finding new ways to make your partner smile is what makes you give relationship goals to others.

Relationship Goals: Stay Tuned

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned as we bring to you more stories, some fairy tales and others closer to home that will rekindle your faith in love!