How COVID-19 is changing Online Dating in India


Covid-19 has undoubtedly affected every aspect of human life, which includes dating too. If you are single or even dating someone you will surely admit that this pandemic has drastically changed the dating process and some of these changes are positive in more than one way.

These days more and more people are taking to online dating due to the constraints of the social distancing measures taken to control the spread of the deadly COVID-19. Tips for Dating.

Here we will discuss five ways in which COVID-19 has affected online dating in India



Changes in Online Dating in India


  • Video Calling

Unlike normal situations, most of the singles have taken to video calling to stay in touch with each other. Yes, an ordinary phone call will also do, but having a conversation over a video call lets couples get to know each other better as far as the physical attributes and socioeconomic background is considered.


  • Physical Intimacy 

Physical intimacy is a critical aspect of any relationship in the modern world. But COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) has put a pause on dating or hanging out in general for couples that are not in life in relationships and hence, the pandemic has transformed the way singles date today.

  • Genuine conversation

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, we all had quite a hectic schedule during the week. We had to spend several hours of the day commuting to work, client meetings, hanging out with colleagues at times, grocery shopping, spending time with family & friends, the list goes on.

With these items practically eliminated from our lives, there is an opportunity for singles to make more of relaxed connections felt through the heart. This time invested in getting to know each other will surely prove to be beneficial in the long run for couples as far as the relationship is considered. 

  • Going slow

Well, many mammals are made for what is called a slow love process. In which, more time is spent in getting to know each other and finally creating a deep emotional attachment with the other partner. The COVID-19 lockdown has surely slowed down the pace of modern love.   

The COVID -19 lockdown, has certainly affected the online dating scenario in many ways which will eventually help many single people unsingle and form heartfelt bonds. 

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