First Sunday of August is dedicated to Friendship day. This is the time to celebrate the bond we share with our friends, companions and loved ones. My close knit circle of friends and I meet every year on this day to reminisce our times together and take a stroll down the memory lane. Subsequently, this year as I was talking to my friends grudging about this pandemic and the possibility of not meeting up, it struck me that I have been spending a lot of quality time with one of my best friends, my partner, without even realizing it. And, just one thing hit me, the famous dialogue from my favorite movie, “Pyaar Dosti Hai!”. Here’s how I realized that my partner is a darn good friend to me. Fortunately for me, it’s near friendship day:

Friendship day- Through thick and thin

The No Filter Stage

In the initial days of our relationship, I was very conscious of everything. Be it what I said, how I looked and how I behaved. Fortunately, this friendship day I realize that the filters between us are disappearing. I can be in my natural avatar around him as I am with my girlfriends on a sleepover. Consequently, there is no longer a need to censor what I say. I know he understands the emotions behind everything I say. The best part is, like my bestie, I can share my deepest and darkest secrets with him. That too without the fear of unnecessary judgement. 

Through Thick and Thin

More often than not, my partner is the first person I call when I am super happy or super sad or anywhere in between. If that’s the case with you, then you have the ‘Anjali’ to your ‘Rahul’ (special reference for all the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fans). Initially, we supported each other through ups and downs in our relationship and each other’s personal life. Now, our bond is at the stage where he supports me through any family or even professional issues that worry me. Thus, our support for each other is way beyond an only romantic relationship, it has become a deep friendship.

Doing Unromantic Things, Together

This friendship day also helped me realize that my partner and I engage in several activities that definitely don’t fall under the category of romance or that couples normally do. Yes, we have our cheesy moments of watching romantic movies, candle light dates, but we also have some crazy memories together. For instance, we literally have wrestling matches, watch soccer together, among others. The last person I did these things with was my group of friends. 

Friendship Day Pledge: Show Gratitude to Your Partner

Therefore, this friendship day might be a good time to show some gratitude to your partner for being more than just a boyfriend or a girlfriend. If they are your buddy, your confidante or your best friend, wish them this special day. Show them that they occupy several special places in your life and what they mean to you. In conclusion, I believe that the best relationships have a strong companionship foundation. If you are looking for a companion to share your life with, stay tuned to and start something new!