“Should I match this t-shirt with those jeans? Should I tie my hair or leave them open?” These are a few questions that wander through every girl’s mind when dressing up for a first date. But, men are no less, they also don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to dress to impress. Irrespective of the gender, each one of us has gone through a brain freeze and panic when we couldn’t decide what to wear to our first date. Here are 5 ways to keep in mind as you dress up for your first date, after all you want to dress to impress!

Don’t Go Overboard

We have all had the thought of going and buying some new outfits in our attempt to dress to impress. While it may be okay to splurge on a new wardrobe a few dates in, going all out for the very first may not be the wisest choice. This is not to say that you can go out in tattered clothing that makes you look homeless. However, spending your entire paycheck to buy that perfect outfit may be a little too premature for the first date. At the same time, you don’t know what the date entails. You don’t want to come home cursing yourself for buying an outfit that cost a bomb after a not so good experience, do you?

Comfort Comes First

All of us have some outfits in our wardrobe that are comfortable and we feel confident in. No, not those pajamas or boxers you have been wearing for 5 years and refuse to throw away. But, some other outfits which you don and feel that they breed confidence and grace in you. Pick those for your first date as you dress to impress. The idea is pretty simple. You are meeting the person for the first time and you don’t want to spend most of it adjusting your clothes do you? 

For all the beautiful ladies, you don’t have to go in for a backless dress, just because your friends said it is likely to draw all the attention to you. You may want to wear a pair of nice jeans with a simple top that boosts your confidence. If you are going for an Indian look, an elegant kurta with subtle accessories and light makeup will do the trick. Let’s not forget the handsome hunks. Why not pair your favourite jeans with a casual shirt? Whatever look you pick, make sure it is comfortable, but at the same time, gives you the confidence to impress, because you know you look good!

Pick the Right Color

Believe it or not, the color of your outfit can help you in your quest of dress to impress. In fact, wearing the right color can make you more attractive, stimulating and a treat to your date’s eyes. There are three top colors that various studies have shown to be perfect for your first date. Blue, because it signifies confidence, loyalty and intelligence. Aren’t those qualities you want in your date? Red, well, that’s a no brainer because it’s the color of love, passion and energy. Black, because in addition to communicating power, it tends to hide one’s imperfections. Therefore, picking one of these colors should relieve your mind of at least some chaos!

Be Mindful of the Time and Place

When you dress to impress, while comfort comes first, you also need to be mindful about where you are going and when you are going. You cannot wear the same outfit to a cafe in the middle of the day and to a bar at night. This holds true irrespective of your gender. If you are venturing out during day time, subtle colors and floral prints might do you good. If you wear something too dark or too shiny, it might just end up being an eyesore. More glamorous outfits in darker shades can be a good choice for late evenings and dates after sunset. 

The place also assumes a similar importance. Ladies, you may want to avoid the Indian wear if you are going out to a club or a bar. Gentlemen, you might want to think twice before wearing a tuxedo to a dancing place. But again, that’s a personal choice. The weather will also be a deciding factor. If you wear a crop top or bermuda shorts in the freezing temperature of December, you would definitely attract unnecessary stares, not to mention the cold you’ll catch!

Plan Ahead

Getting ready for your first date is not only about that very date a few hours prior when you actually start dressing up. You need to plan ahead. The question is what does the planning entail to ensure that you Dress to impress. First, make sure that you decide in advance what you wish to wear. This will save you the panic just before the date and also help ensure that your outfit is ready. You won’t have to worry if it’s clean or ironed or not, because you will plan ahead to make sure it is. Secondly, it is important to invest some time in pre-date grooming. This is mostly threading and waxing for the ladies and shaving for men. Again, this is a personal choice and your pre-date grooming should revolve around practices that make you feel more confident and ready for the meet.

Dress to Impress: Am I There Yet?

If you’ve been on a few first dates, you would know which outfits work and which don’t. Capitalize on this knowledge and your dress to impress will be a smooth sail. This is not to say that you wear the same outfit every time, but can definitely follow the trend. On the other hand, if getting ready excites you, then forget the classics and experiment with every look in the book. You will end up either having a good date or a fashion advice, both ways, it’s a win-win. 

When you dress to impress, you always have the question, “Am I there yet? Do I look good enough for my date?” Well, no matter what you wear, if you carry it with grace and poise, your first date is bound to be a date to remember, if other things go well. All you need to make sure is to put your best foot forward and make an effort. But, don’t overkill yourself. Just follow these tips and you should be in a steady state to dress to impress!