Best Date ideas you can plan during Pandemic

Yes, it’s true that we all are stuck amidst the global pandemic, which doesn’t mean in any way that our relationship with our special one should be affected. Normally, the couples would go out for romantic dates and spend some quality time with each other. These days, video calls have undoubtedly taken the place of dates, but the truth is that the intimate spark is still missing in the relationship. Hence, in this article, we will let you know, some social distancing date ideas that you can plan amidst the pandemic. 

Date ideas you can plan during Pandemic 

  • Have an outdoor picnic with social distancing

Now that the restrictions are somewhat relaxed, you can definitely enjoy a small outdoor trip to a not so crowded place. However, while doing so take the utmost care of social distancing and sanitization as and when needed. Since, it is not safe, to consume outside food, do not forget to pack some snacks as well as other food items. And of course drinking water. 

  • Invite for a virtual room tour

It is true that the space we live in reflects our personality. Hence, if you and your special one feel comfortable about it, plan out a time to give a virtual tour of each other’s bedroom over a video call. 

  • Watch a movie together

Yes, you must have enjoyed lots of movies together sitting on the luxurious chairs of the movie theatre. But believe us, the experience of co-watching a movie lying on your cozy bed is way lot better. Just that your partner won’t be next to you. 

Various online movie platforms, for instance, Netflix allows you to have a movie watch party and in this way, you can enjoy movies together in real-time. 

  • Enjoy music together

Music is something that instantly sets the mood and expresses emotions that one cannot put in words. Moreover, listening to the music that reminds you of your special one is a whole lot more romantic, isn’t it? You should really try it out! Make a playlist, and share it with your loved one and listen to it together virtually. 

  • Put on a fashion show

Setting a virtual fashion show and dressing up for the special one is another interesting date idea you should definitely try out. Have a conversation beforehand as to what each one of you would like to wear for another one and enjoy the romantic show. 

It is said that the clothes you wear are part of your personality, therefore by having a fashion show you will be depicting your own personality in a way to each other.

  • Have breakfast together

Having a candlelit dinner with the special one is surely very romantic but starting off the day by spending some quality time with each other sets the tone for the entire day. In addition to that, he or she will feel great knowing that you made spending time with them a first priority of the day. 

Spending quality time with your loved one in the morning is easier these days more than ever, all thanks to the working from home scenario. Then why not make most out of it!

  • Write letters

In this technology-driven world, there are several ways available to, communicate with each other, but the charm of the handwritten notes and letters has never faded away. The feeling that one gets by knowing that someone has taken out time to pour out the emotions on the piece of paper makes it way more special than any other thing in the world.  So grab a piece of paper and get started!

  • Plan a game night

There are several online games that allow multiple players to enjoy the game on a real-time basis. So shortlist some of the common favorite games of yours and enjoy playing them together virtually while chatting away simultaneously. 

  • Create something special 

The idea of creating something special for your loved one makes it a really unique gift that he or she will treasure for the rest of their life. It can be anything from a customized photo frame, painting, greeting card, or any other handicraft. 

  • Make a regular, old-fashioned phone call

Yes, video calling has made keeping in touch with each other a whole lot easier, but giving each other normal phone calls every now and then is equally important. During the video call, one has to pay extra attention to the angles and surroundings whereas it is not the case when it comes to normal calling. Strengthen your relationship during covid-19.

It is true, that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there are limits and restrictions as to ways you can enjoy each other’s company. However, it has also opened several other ways in which you can make the most out of the available options.  

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