It seems like yesterday that couples deep in love, or those meeting for the first time, were walking down the streets, building relationships and creating memories. That’s when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world and disrupted virtually every aspect of human existence. Our instant reaction was to focus on our health and economic security. For most single professionals this meant love and relationships moving to a back burner. With the gradual easing of the lockdown, and more importantly, opening up of social places like cafes, building relationships is taking a different course. Like all other bits and pieces of our life, which we are adapting to the new normal, love and relationships will also don a new face. 

Building relationships with the rise and rise of dating apps

For one thing, there will be an increase in the use of dating apps. Building relationships would now start with an online interaction that might translate to an in person meeting. The simple logic is that none of us would want to simply go and meet new people at bars without the knowledge of which zone they come from. At the same time, the opening up of such social spaces will come with certain restrictions of social distancing. Therefore, dating apps would be an ideal place for individuals to break the ice.

Rise of dating apps

In person meetings would become more special

While there would be an increase in use of dating apps and building relationships virtually, in person meetings will hold a special for many. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, before the lockdown, for most the online space was earmarked for building relationships and work and family life was more offline. However, with lockdown imposition and the changing nature of work, professional life is going online. Invariably, building relationships will then become offline, post a few initial conversations. Secondly, with social distancing norms and other restrictions in place, it is obvious for us to pick and choose which online match would we actually like to meet in person. This will make it all the more exciting and something to look forward to. And obviously, after so much isolation, each of us is tempted to go out there and meet someone!

Meeting in real life

Conversations will become real

This will be one of the biggest changes for those who preferred group dates or going out to crowded places like bars. Since crowding will not be normal in the near future, individuals will have to up their conversation game if they do not wish to bore their dates. Real conversations in quaint relatively uncrowded cafes will take precedence. At the same time, there will be plenty of awkward moments when individuals will struggle on how to greet one another. “Is it safe to hug? Should I just wave”? will be some questions running through our minds. The easy way out would be to accept that your date might be having the same thoughts and to break the ice with a nice conversation starter. 

Real Conversations

Anxiety will play its role

One thing that has come out of the lockdown is a feeling of panic and anxiety among single professionals who feel that they will die single. The aftermath of this could be taking rash decisions to seek companionship. Such anxiety will manifest itself by pushing singles into building relationships with the first date they come across. All of us need to be cautious of this and ensure that we invest in healthy relationships and not just something because we are afraid of being alone. 

Unusual relationships will blossom

Finally, the past few months have made most of us realize that relationships are not only about a boy and a girl dating. In fact, most of us today are thankful for relationships beyond the romantic ones, the ones with our friends, our coworkers, our families, etc. While most of us have been running away from these relationships for a long time, post lockdown, we will value them more. Building relationships of such kind or rekindling them will become a new tradition and a form of love will surface to give us comfort and reassurance. 

Building relationships

Building Relationships the new way

To cut a long story short, it is true that building relationships will don a new avatar. There will be certain challenges along the way. Fortunately, if we hold onto our positive spirits, we will unravel opportunities to fight the anxiety and build beautiful relationships. One thing is for sure, we all need to start valuing all our relationships more than we do, because when all else fails, it’s only people and the human connection that lift up our spirits!